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Mark Lindquist, Artist / Photographer

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Mark Lindquist, wood sculptor, artist and photographer, is best known for his significant contributions to the American Studio Woodturning / Wood Sculpture movement that gained serious momentum during the mid-1970's.

Throughout his 40 plus years of professional involvement as a wood sculptor he has been committed to photography and has worked professionally over the years on special projects in addition to creating his own photographic art.

In the late 1970s, Mark Lindquist was photographer on the project to duplicate the Oval Office Desk for the JFK Memorial Library in Boston, Massachusetts. He helped to photograph, measure, and pattern the desk which was subsequently made by
the renowned master craftsman Robert Whitley.

Mark Lindquist working on the Resolute Desk, Oval Office, The White House.
Photos by Mark Lindquist Copyright 1977-2013

Currently he owns and operates Lindquist Studios in North Florida, a 25,000 sq. ft. facility consisting of studios and galleries in several disciplines, including photography, printing, digital asset editing and management, wood sculpture, metal working/machining, robotics, drawing, design, library and Lindquist Studios archives.

Photo: J McFadden

Lindquist is a MacDowell Fellow, American Craft Council Fellow, NEA Fellow, Honorary Lifetime Member of the AAW (2010) and received the American Association of Woodturners first POP fellowship award 2006. He has received numerous awards and is widely recognized as a pioneer in his field. (

(Left to right):  Kathy Lindquist, Art Historian Robert Hobbs, First Lady Hillary Clinton, President Bill Clinton, Mel Lindquist, Mark Lindquist, attending a reception for the White House Collection of American Craft, The White House, Washington, DC, December, 1993.


BA - New England College-1971
(Painting / Sculpture / Photography)

MFA Program Pratt Institute, 1971
(Painting / Sculpture / Photography)

MFA - Florida State University, 1990
(Painting / Sculpture / Art History)







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